Our team is comprised of former federal, state, local, and military investigators.  We have over 60 years combined experience working law enforcement and private sector investigations. We have operated in some of the most hazardous conditions both here in the U.S. and abroad.

We founded Global Children’s Rescue upon realizing the challenges that a victim’s friends and family endure to gather adequate resources to find their missing loved ones.  As private investigators, we conducted countless missing children cases pro bono understanding that many families do not have the financial means readily available to mount an effective search.  Without funding, however, we were only able to provide limited time and resources to each case.  Due to budget constraints, heavy case loads, and adverse internal policies, many law enforcement agencies are not able to commit the resources necessary to be effective.  Many of these cases ultimately result in the victim being trafficked.

We found it heartbreaking to be unable to properly assist these families due to lack of funding.  None of us wants to look a parent in the eye and tell them that their child’s fate might be determined by a dollar amount. Global Children’s Rescue gives us the ability to overcome this obstacle along with bringing expert investigators and a dedicated team to the cause.

We vow to devote all of our resources to our investigations immediately upon being notified. We dedicate a team of full-time investigators, volunteer coordinators, and law enforcement liaisons to assist families in bringing their child home swiftly and safely.  Once an investigation commences we are able to operate without the interference, distractions, or constraints that limit many government agencies.