Our mission is to educate parents and children on the warning signs of human trafficking to help prevent abductions from occurring. Being aware of a potential threatening situation before it happens could mean the difference between life and death. We hope to educate as many people as possible in order to prevent these tragedies.

We investigate recent missing children cases to fill the void during the crucial time period when law enforcement cannot commit the resources, as well as cold cases that have been overlooked through the passing of time. We commit all of our resources in order to solve these cases and bring them home safely before they become victims of human trafficking.

We utilize advanced research technology and a vast network of intelligence operatives to seek out human trafficking rings both domestically and abroad. Once verified, we establish a strategy to infiltrate these groups in order to conduct a safe rescue of the victims held therein. Once a rescue is completed, we offer mental and physical health services to victims to assist them in the recovery process.

Our ultimate goal is to prevent these heinous acts from occurring, but should the need arise we are fully equipped to respond to any situation.